Lithonplus: Upgrade of the casting mould for L-panel production

Optimising production processes at the Gunzenhausen site

Lithonplus: Upgrade of the casting mould for L-panel production

Lithonplus Steinmanufaktur is a subsidiary of HeidelbergCement AG and Schwenk KG and specialises in the production of high-quality concrete products in Germany. Lithonplus Steinmanufaktur produces high-quality concrete products for the design of paths, gardens and driveways at 16 sites situated in different parts of the country.

Concrete spreader with production line for the production of L-panel moulds.

L-panel production was also optimised as part of the restructuring of the factory at the Gunzenhausen plant in Franconia. High-quality L-panels in fair faced concrete quality are produced here in different sizes.

Production is synchronised and takes place on cuttingedge movable single and multiple moulds. The possibility to move the moulds on the track rails allows the division of labour to be applied to the organisation of production. Weckenmann’s brief was to optimise the transport logistics in production by designing a motorised, movable transversal shifting unit to relocate the L-panel moulds to different production areas. Another task was to improve the pouring and the transportation of the concrete.

A transversal travel area was designed in the production hall. This allows the use of a cross lifting truck with the least possible height offset. This serves as a mobile switch point and connects the individual track sections to each other.

As the moulds to be moved are not equipped with their own drives, the moulds are pulled onto the trolley by means of a cross slide and pushed back onto the longitudinal track after the relocation has been carried out. This action is controlled manually.

The concrete at the Gunzenhausen plant is supplied by a bucket conveyor. A concrete spreader, which buffers the SVB concrete and transports it to the concreting station, was installed for the batchwise transfer of concrete and the filling of the moulds.

A tightly sealing dosing slide allows the exact filling and precise dosing of the concrete. The concrete spreader can be moved crosswise using a motor to enable this for the different mould sizes. Lifting gear allows adjustment to different mould heights. The concrete flow is directed by a 360° turning gear when filling the partially narrow mould cross-sections with the self-compacting concrete. With a cross-travel range of almost 28 m, the concrete spreader can be used in various concreting positions in the hall. All motorised functions are controlled by radio.

“Following a short assembly time, the plant components were successfully installed and commissioned by the Weckenmann technicians and have since been indispensable plant components in the production at the Lithonplus site in Gunzenhausen,” confirmed Mr. Klaus Pfenninger / Plant Manager at Lithonplus Gunzenhausen.


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