Holistic approach


There is a great need for affordable housing worldwide. Depending on the country and culture, there are a number of approaches on how to remedy this situation. And leading the field are so-called low-cost housing concepts. A key element in this is that they can be implemented by local people with materials available in the Region.

Low-cost housing: Ample living space for less money

A variety of materials can be used to provide affordable housing. Depending on the region these are, for example, concrete, stone, wood or steel. Every material has its advantages and disadvantages. However, building with precast concrete parts is an ideal way to build quality housing quickly and cost-effectively.

It is crucial that the design is optimally adapted to the respective conditions. This of course includes choosing the matching method of production. For this reason, the specialist in precast concrete production, Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Dormettingen, Germany, and Martin Dobler Projektmanagement GmbH from Schlins in Austria joined forces to consistently combine these two success criteria in their joint low-cost housing concept.

With the modular Low-Cost-Housing-Concept of Weckenmann and Dobler living space can be created quickly and inexpensively: whether a two-room flat or a four-roomed flat, whether a low-rise building or two-storey building.

The low-cost housing concept in precast concrete part construction is modular and can be adapted to meet the specific needs on site. This joint construction system is distinguished by the following features:

  • The space concept is suitable for different types of dwellings, such as two or three-bedroom apartments and one or two-story buildings.

  • The cost-efficiency of the construction is optimal.

  • All parts are manufactured in solid construction in fair faced concrete, that is, no additional surface treatment is needed.

  • The individual components/construction elements are joined using locally available materials.

  • There are no surface-mounted installations throughout the entire house.

  • All the required components are produced using a battery mould – stationary or as mobile mould in the form of the mobile battery mould (MBM®). This ensures that all manufactured precast concrete parts are dimensionally accurate and with finished surfaces.

This way the Dobler/Weckenmann team delivers a holistic approach: from perfect design and planning through effective production to transport to the site and installation.

You can find our new product brochure as e-book here.