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TDSK Tomsk modernises pile production with Weckenmann

Pile production

With the assistance of Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, TDSK Tomsk, one of the largest construction companies in Russia, upgraded its production plant for large precast concrete parts to the latest state of the art in 2013. The positive experience with the upgrade has now persuaded the company to also modernise the pile production facility at its main plant, assisted by the Weckenmann experts, of course.

The university town of Tomsk in Western Siberia is the head office of TDSK Tomsk founded in 1972. “The positive experience we made with the modernisation drive in 2013 made it clear to us that we want to implement the technical overhaul of the pile production with the assistance of Weckenmann,” says TDSK Tomsk General Director Alexander Karlovich Shpeter.  The project kicked off in the summer of 2014 and the renovated production facility started operation in February 2015.

Piles help to establish sustainable foundations in adverse soil conditions. The standard piles are 6-18 m long and have a cross-section of 300 x 300 mm. The new, 72-metre pile formwork from Weckenmann now allows TDSK Tomsk to manufacture piles in 28 adjacent moulds and at the respective required length – more than 2 km of piles per day.

Pile production

A concrete spreader and a bucket conveyor also formed part of the new equipment. The distribution hopper with its spreading auger allows for more efficient filling of seven moulds at the same time. Weckenmann has developed a tracking controller for the bucket conveyor with which the concrete – the moment it is requested by the operator – is automatically fetched at the mixing plant. Bucket conveyor and concrete spreader communicate with each other, so that the concrete can be transferred at any time.

The Weckenmann experts have also designed the new bulkhead for the typical pile tips. With this, flat tips can now be produced for extension piles in addition to the pointed tips. For removal the bulkhead can be opened completely, so that the finished piles can be lifted out vertically. The result is a lower risk of accidents for the employees and no risk of damaging the finished products.

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