Welcome to the SchieferErlebnis “fair-faced concrete” restaurant.


High-quality precast concrete parts for restaurant building

The SchieferErlebnis in Dormettingen first opened its doors in July 2014. The idyllic lakeside restaurant "Am Schiefersee" is a must-visit destination on a family excursion – the massive precast wall panels were made of fair-faced concrete using Weckenmann Technology.

The fair-faced concrete wall panels of the restaurant with around 70 seats define the modern indoor look of the restaurant. The outside look of the building in turn is determined by facade panels made of textile-reinforced concrete. The company FBW Fertigbau Wochner, as Weckenmann also based in Dormettingen, manufactured and assembled the precast concrete parts on site.

In fact, the FBW precast concrete plant is one of the most modern in Germany. The company has been producing sophisticated components – such as the above-mentioned wall panels – in its largely automated production facility since 2011. Most of the technology used in the factory comes from Weckenmann. Weckenmann supplied the line automation technology for the production plant, the process equipment as well as the entire shuttering system that is so important for the high aesthetic demands.

The SchieferErlebnis park surroundings is a joint project of the Dormettingen Municipality and Holcim (Süddeutschland) GmbH. Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG is the premium partner of the project, the planning of which was begun in 2009. The aim was to restore the former mining areas of the oil shale quarry to its natural state and so to return harmony to the natural scenery.

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