Singapore relies on transportable precast concrete plants


Mobile battery moulds (MBM) from Weckenmann produce precast parts on site

MBM Mobile Battery Moulds in Singapore

The plant manufacturer Weckenmann needed only one year to turn its ​​mobile battery mould idea into reality. Barely one more year later two MBMs are already producing the first precast parts. The Singapore-based construction companies Kimly Construction Pte. Ltd. and Tiong Seng Contractors (Pte) Ltd. have independently from each other ordered this innovative product at the end of 2014 and have now simultaneously launched production.

Founded in 1959, the Tiong Seng Group is one of the leading construction companies in Singapore and operates in both the public sector and the private housing market. The company currently uses the mobile battery mould for the construction of several 22-storey buildings with a total of 1,327 residential units. Kimly Construction Pte. Ltd, founded in 1975, received several awards from different government agencies and has all the building licences to construct multi-storey buildings with site concrete and precast concrete parts. This construction company too uses the mobile battery mould in the Singapore urban area.

Freshly produced, fitted directly – the Weckenmann mobile battery mould makes it possible

Lower logistical outlay

For temporary large construction sites, the Weckenmann mobile battery mould is the ideal solution: the investment costs are manageable, the extremely flexible production runs reliably and just in time. Thanks to its compact design, the MBM also requires a relatively small installation footprint and can be assembled and dismantled by a few people within a very short time. And this right next to the construction site, which shortens the transport routes dramatically. The manufacturing process, which also includes a compaction device that evens out fluctuations in the concrete quality, is easy to handle. Due to optimally used hydration heat and an optional mould heater, the mobile battery mould is also very energy efficient. Last but not least, the top quality of the precast concrete parts produced by the mobile battery mould is impressive. The surfaces of the floor slab and wall panels are smooth on both sides, dimensions are consistently adhered to and the edges are clean.

The Singapore government is massively promoting the use of precast concrete parts. The aim is to increase productivity on the construction sites in the city. A key success factor in this is the mobile battery mould. And the Weckenmann experts are certain that it will not only influence the type of construction in this unique city-state, but also in other growth regions around the world.

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