Turnkey and efficient construction


Concrete Specialist Armaton uses Weckenmann plant in Novosibirsk for construction

A complete plant for precast concrete parts with an annual capacity of approximately 70,000 m² living space, completed in less than two years. This was the vision of the Russian concrete specialists at Armaton from Novosibirsk – and at the same time the challenge for the Weckenmann plant manufacturer as the general contractor.

Two visits prepared the way. The senior management team of Armaton first visited a Weckenmann reference project in St. Petersburg in 2012 before they also visited the company's headquarter in Dormettingen. Then it took about a year before the decision was made to build a precast concrete plant equipped with the latest technology, quite literally, on the “green field” in Novosibirsk. Weckenmann was chosen as the general contractor for the overall project at a cost of 1.7 billion roubles. “A swift handover and so a rapid market positioning are decisive advantages which substantially affect the long-term success of our customers,” says Karl-Wilhelm Bögl, Head of the Project Department at Weckenmann. And so construction began in May 2014.

The heart of the production in Novosibirsk: the circulation system. In the foreground the preparations for sandwich panels can be seen

The well-coordinated Weckenmann teams in Dormettingen and Siberia delivered a customised solution. The heart of the production is the flexible circulation plant with 42 pallets. Both solid and sandwich panels can be manufactured on it; if necessary, also solid floor slabs. Armaton currently produces up to 425,000 m² wall elements per year with it; in the final stage the production capacity will be 300,000 m² of living space per year. With the M-Series from Weckenmann equipped with integrated switchable magnets, the optimally coordinated shuttering system complements production. What is special about the system is that the maximum floor slab, wall and facade elements, but also ventilation shaft, stair and pile elements can be mapped with a minimum of shuttering profiles, including individual chamfers and profiles. The “head” of the circulation system is the WAvision® master computer. Using the data from the production scheduling, it coordinates production flow, specifies the required shuttering profiles, monitors the production process and tracks the products up to their storage outside.

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