"Maiden voyage" of brand new Mobile Battery Mould


The "maiden voyage" of the Mobile Battery Mould (MBM) was eagerly awaited

The newly, from Weckenmann, developed production concept of the Mobile Battery Mould has successfully withstood its baptism of fire today.

New in this innovative concept is that it strictly focuses on the building site production. So that the production of flat precast concrete elements can be shifted directly to the area where it is most needed - in direct proximity to the construction site.

The Mobile Battery Mould is constructed in form of a semitrailer with steerable trailed roller as well as optional license for use on public roads and is extremely manoeuvrable.

The brand new mobile battery mould on the road

The maiden voyage of this transportable formwork was eagerly awaited. The heavy duty transport with the first Mobile Battery Mould aboard has left the factory in Dormettingen this morning for a test drive and has successfully covered the long, curve-rich test track of approximately 30 kilometres.

Mobile Battery Mould - on the road.

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