Mobile production

Mobile production (Mobile Battery Mould: MBM®) by Weckenmann is a globally unique concept. These are compact mobile precast concrete plants that can be transported providing the ideal solution for the production of precast concrete parts in the immediate vicinity of the construction site. This type of just-in-time production is not only innovative, but also cost and resource efficient, as transportation costs are drastically reduced. Our mobile production units consist of mobile battery moulds or transportable production tables and allow both the horizontal and vertical production of high-quality floor slabs and wall panels that can be installed directly adjacent to the building site.


The production of precast concrete parts on the construction site becomes top priority if the transport infrastructure or the lack of production space does not permit the construction and operation of a precast concrete plant.

With the mobile battery mould (MBM), we have developed a system, and registered a patent, that enables the production of dimensionally stable precast concrete parts (wall panels or floor slabs) right at the spot where they are needed: in close proximity to the construction site.

For our customers, we plan and implement the complete onsite production and logistics of precast concrete parts. These include: mobile casting beds or tilting tables, as well as moulds for structural precast concrete parts such as concrete columns, joist girders or stairs. This way entire buildings can be erected. In addition to planning all the construction site logistics, Weckenmann also takes care of the crane technology.

Weckenmann moulds are basically designed in a way to allow them to be moved from one construction site to another quickly and inexpensively. This design allows the core of the production technology of a mobile battery mould to be safely and securely mounted on a truck trailer. The supply technology for heat and energy to heat the moulds is housed in modular containers.

Weckenmann’s mobile production allows cost-efficient and fast implementation of large construction projects in urban centres (megacities) as well as in underdeveloped regions with a less developed infrastructure.

The mobile battery mould consists of:

  • A fixed middle section

  • Two mobile external moulds with electromotive drive

  • Several (usually 18 pieces) mobile intermediate moulds

  • Vertical side and bottom moulds depending on the thickness of the panel

  • Electric vibrators built into the sidewalls to compact the concrete, powered by a frequency converter for infinitely variable speed regulation

  • Heating registers, also integrated in the mould, for fast concrete curing

  • A hydraulic power unit and two hydraulic cylinders for closing the mould


Technical facts

Chamber size (typical):

3,5 x 7,1m

Wall thickness range

80-300 mm

Number of chambers (typical)


Net production output per day (1 shift / 75% capacity)


Number of operators per shift

about 7 persons


0.18 man-hours / m²

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