Cleaners and oilers for formwork tables and pallets

Mobile or stationary cleaners and oilers for all types of formwork tables are important components of the modern precast concrete production, whether for production lines, tilting tables or pallets.

The cleaners usually work with screed and brushes and keep the formwork surfaces clean, which is the prerequisite for a good precast quality.

Cleaning with the machine is more economical and safer than manual cleaning.

Equally important is the correct forming oil application on all surfaces that are exposed to concrete, because this is crucial for the problem-free demoulding of the precast concrete element, for the appearance of the exposed concrete surface and ultimately for the ease of cleaning.

The machines are available as single units, in combination, stationary or with track-bound chassis.

Dust extraction, debris collection, screeds or oil mist extraction are among the useful additional equipment.

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