“Blue Competence” sustainability

As an internationally operating company, we see it as an essential part of our social responsibility to commit ourselves to the careful handling of natural resources and the protection of the environment and nature. This is why Weckenmann is committed to the "Blue Competence" initiative of the VDMA (German Mechanical Engineering Industry Association).


Blue Competence (www.bluecompetence.net) is a initiative of the VDMA (www.vdma.org) to encourage sustainability in the mechanical engineering industry, but also to advertise sustainable solutions. With our new partnership we obligate to observe the 12 principles for sustainability of the mechanical engineering industry (www.bluecompetence.net/about).


The Blue Competence partners have a common goal:

... to shape the world with technology – also the day after tomorrow. The challenges posed by the megatrends of our time can only be mastered with cutting-edge technology and technical innovations.

... to achieve more with fewer resources. The world's population is growing, but natural resources are not. To enable all of us to live with dignity on this earth in the future, we must use the existing resources sparingly. This is achieved by increasing efficiency.

… to set an example. The engineering sector demonstrates with every new development that sustainability simultaneously increases efficiency. Resource efficiency and cost efficiency are two sides of the same coin.

Responsibility towards society and the environment has always been a guiding principle of corporate activity and conduct in the German mechanical engineering sector. With the sustainability code, the companies united under the Blue Competence initiative are continuing the high social and ethical standards and consider this a prerequisite for sustainable business success.
(Source: http://www.bluecompetence.net).

With our commitment to the Blue Competence initiative of the VDMA, we set an example and consciously invest in optimising the energy efficiency of our products.


Sustainability Guidelines of the Mechanical Engineering Industry


1. Sustainability is a crucial part of our company strategy.

2. We create solid business schemes with sustainable values and secure entrepreneurial success.

3. Our technologies and solutions promote worldwide sustainable developments.


4. Sustainable thinking and action are represented in our processes and products.

5. We act with consideration of resources and stand up for climate protection.

6. Our staff ist our most valuable asset. We promote engagement and participation.

7. We stand up for keeping the human rights.


8. Our company is a habitat.

9. We take responsibility in our region.

10. We do, what we promise!


11. We actively cultivate the network with all participants.

12. We transparently communicate our sustainable action.


With our engagement in the Blue Competence initiative of the VDMA we are setting an example and are deliberately investing to optimize the energy efficiency of our products.


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