Washout technique

Top-quality exposed aggregate concrete surfaces are achieved by applying the washout technique.

Washing out the fine particles from the concrete is widely used in the surface finishing of concrete. Excellent results can only be achieved in manual and in automated production using the right technology.

The curing of special decorative face concrete is slowed down by the use of chemical retarders, which can then be washed out on the surface with high pressure water jets. We supply the application technology for this purpose, which ranges from manually operated high-pressure washers to fully automatic washout units using high-pressure spray and brushing technology.

The necessary handling and conveyor system consists of floor-bound solutions such as trolleys or suspension track Solutions.


Options and variants

High-pressure washers

manually controlled high-pressure washers with spray lances

Washout systems

mobile washout systems with high-pressure nozzle arrays and brush systems

Transport trolley

Transport trolley with trestles

Chain conveyor

Chain conveyor for the suspended transport of the elements through the wash station

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