Moulds for columns and beams

Moulds for structural precast concrete elements such as columns, trusses, girders and main beams must be as flexible and easy as possible to use to enable cost-efficient production.

Extremely adaptable shuttering systems are required for the efficient and profitable production of structural precast concrete elements (columns, trusses, girders, main beams). Weckenmann column and beam moulds allow high-quality, structural precast parts to be produced efficiently. We supply these mould systems with hydraulic or manual adjustment.

The mould face from either wood or steel is mounted in segments to the removable vertical supports. This allows the easy production of consoles and cross-sections.

The vibration-optimised design and the use of special vibrators ensure optimum compaction and the best surface finish. The optional built-in heater pipes can be operated with hot water or thermal oil. The consistent temperature distribution ensures the even and energy-saving heating of the precast parts. 


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