Robot technology

Our wide range of shuttering robots have been proving their mettle since 1992 in more than 100 precast concrete plants around the world.

Precast concrete manufacturers around the world have relied on the precise and versatile shuttering robots from Weckenmann in their automated production for many years. The main tasks that our robot systems take care of are:

  • Shuttering and optimum, targeted application of mould oil

  • Managing profiles (particularly in the production of solid parts with very diverse moulds)

These Weckenmann systems ensure efficient, faultless shuttering and demoulding processes:

Shuttering robots

Weckenmann robot systems automatically carry out shuttering as per CAD specifications. Mounting parts of all kinds can be positioned at any time. The shuttering robots are integrated in the existing circulation control system. Thanks to the autonomous Weckenmann control system, they can be retrofitted in existing precast concrete plants without difficulty.

Demoulding robot

Shuttering profiles are demoulded automatically from the formwork surface. The demoulding robot scans the formwork surface, disconnects the magnet connections of the shuttering profiles to be demoulded and places them on the formwork line that continues in the direction of the magazine or the shuttering robot. Shuttering robots can also be retrofitted at any time to existing precast concrete plants via the autonomous Weckenmann robot controller.

Magazine robot

A magazine system provides the optimum cycle time in conjunction with the shuttering robot. The robot takes the shuttering profiles from the shuttering transport and passes them on to either the shuttering robot or stores the moulds in or retrieves them from the magazine.


Third robot generation

The 3rd generation of shuttering robots was launched at the end of 2017. The new dynamic and heavy-duty mechanism is a key feature of this generation and meets the increased requirements of precast concrete plants.

This 3rd generation of robots comprises four different robots that we have developed.

They are the following:

  • Shuttering robot series R3

  • Deshuttering robot series E3

  • Shuttering and deshuttering robot series RE3

  • Magazine robot series M3

The advantages of the new Weckenmann shuttering robots at a glance:

  • The small approach dimensions of the different axle systems save space in the precast concrete plant.

  • Rack-and-pinion gear with highly dynamic servo drive technology

  • Heavy-duty linear guide with stable, low-maintenance mechanics

  • Compatible with all common control systems


Special systems from Weckenmann:

Robots for cutting and inserting insulation material in wall production

The insulation material is supplied to the robot and cut to size according to CAD data to match the precast concrete parts to be produced. Depending on the cutting nozzle, a variety of insulating materials can be processed, for example, also styrofoam.

Clinker Robot

Face brickwork can be applied quickly and precisely with the clinker robot.

Retarding lacquer robot

In the production of exposed aggregate concrete facade elements, the system automatically applies the retarding lacquer by spraying it on.

Technical facts


almost any


up to 16 m free span width


up to 2 m

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