Shuttering pallets are used in circulation systems to produce a wide variety of precast concrete parts. The high-quality finish of the mould surface and the rigid, weight-optimised structure have a significant influence on the quality and handling ability of the final products in the automated production process.

Our shuttering pallets are used in circulation systems as mobile moulds that are transported from station to station.

Our shuttering pallets are made of special shuttering steel to ensure the special flatness grade of the mould face. This allows our users to produce precast concrete elements with the highest surface quality. The individual side rails can be customised.

Facts and advantages:

  • Optimised support structure to match the format and load.

  • Side rails are matched to the product to be produced: height-adjustable, hinged, sliding.

  • If needed: couplings to connect several pallets stored one behind the other in the curing chamber.

  • Stacking feet for stacking pallets.

  • Adjusting devices for the consistent joining of two pallets in double wall production.

  • Shuttering pallets can also be rigidised to absorb the prestressing forces resulting from the production process of prestressed floor slabs, joists and other precast concrete parts.

Technical facts


up to 20 m


up to 4,500 mm

Loading capacity

up to 1,000 kg/m²

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