Pallet restoration (retrofit)

The shuttering system and in particular the shuttering pallets are crucial for the surface quality and thus the product quality of a precast concrete part.

Grooves or bumps on the pallet surfaces have a negative effect on the surface finish of the precast concrete part. In many cases, the side rail of the pallet is also affected over the years.

Pallet restoration is an attractive and cost-effective alternative to a whole new shuttering pallet. The surfaces of the pallets are straightened, the steel plate surfaces sanded and repainted, and, if necessary, the side rail is repaired or replaced. Even long-standing Weckenmann customers find the results remarkable: the shuttering pallets are as good as new.

To not interrupt the production process in a plant, the existing pallets can be removed one by one, restored and then reintroduced into the process.


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