Battery mould

The compact Weckenmann battery moulds simplify the production process of vertically fabricated wall and floor slabs with smooth mould surfaces on both sides. Battery moulds can be used as stationary as well as mobile systems.

We have completely revised and optimised the Weckenmann battery moulds that have proven themselves over decades of use. Whoever wants to manufacture wall panels and other flat concrete components with smooth mould surfaces on both sides relies on the space-saving design and high productivity of our battery moulds.

The floor-running principle allows free and easy access between the open panels. Simple demoulding even at low crane hook heights is guaranteed. The chambers can be opened and closed either manually or by motor. The outer panels are moved by means of electric drives. It is operated via radio remote control. In the basic version the moulds are moved mechanically by hand. The vibration-optimised design and the use of special vibrators ensure optimum compaction and the best surface finish. The noise during compaction and wear are reduced.

Technical advantages for the user:

  • Possible individual filling of chambers.

  • Particular dimensional stability (robust construction with minimal tolerances in flatness).

  • The optional built-in heater pipes can be operated with hot water or thermal oil. The consistent temperature distribution ensures the even and energy-saving heating of the precast parts.

  • The floor slab and vertical moulds can be made of steel with rubber seal lips to prevent the concrete from leaking out.

  • Hydraulic locking with pump control for absolute tightness.



Technical facts

Chamber length

up to 9 m

Chamber height

up to 4 m

Shelf width

any (80 - 250 mm)

Floor slabs

60 mm - 400 mm

Vibration frequency

0 - 6.000 U/min

Number of chambers

any; typically 2 x 10 chambers

Options and variants

Vibration controller

for infinitely variable vibrator speed and preset programs

Electric trolleys

for the mobile end forms

Walkways and staircases

Concrete spreader

for efficient charging of the individual chambers

Window and door cut-outs

Heat exchanger

to exchange media for saturated steam/hot water or thermal oil

Heating controller

with temperature monitoring and regulation of the heating program (temperature and time)

Case studies

Solid wall

Sandwich wall

Boundary wall

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