The modular formwork profile series for the manufacturing of solid precast elements with varying element thicknesses and profiles

Modular system with extension profiles for the manufacturing of solid elements and beam elements, sandwich panels, slabs and facades, as well as special parts in changing thicknesses and profilings.

Extension profiles in steel or prepared for the attachment of wood panels.

The combination of a base profile with integrated switchable magnet technology and exchangeable extension profiles in different heights or frontal profiles results in a flexible formwork system.

The base profiles are fastened to the pallet with integrated switchable magnets. The number depending on profile design and type of application.

The top profiles are connected with a screw connection to the basic profile and build in combination with the respective the formwork outline. This way, the formwork system can be adapted quickly to the respective request.

If an unbroken surface area is required, the attachment profile can be replaced by a profile placed in front of the shutter.

As an alternative, it is possible to build to attach timber shuttering panels in order to obtain addition flexibility.

The profiles may be used on one side only and they are positioned by hand.

Individual variations and other dimensions are manufactured on request.


Technical facts

X-Basis Heights

60 mm

X-Basis Widths

104 mm

X-Basis Lenghts

500 - 4,000 mm

X-Top Hights

80 - 400 mm

X-Top Widths

104 mm

X-Top Lenghts

500 - 4,000 mm

Integrated switchable magnets

Expansion with extension profiles

Wood attachment

Case studies

Facade elements

Solid slab

Solid wall

Sandwich wall

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