Stationary casting bed and production table

Weckenmann stationary casting beds and production tables have proven themselves in the production of both loose reinforced and prestressed flat precast concrete parts such as floor slabs, facades or rod-shaped elements.

Stationary casting beds consist of individual table segments of approximately 12 m in length, which are connected together to create any mould length at the installation site. They are used mainly for smaller production volumes up to about 300 square metres per day, or for the production of prestressed precast concrete parts.

The individual side rails can be customised for the respective products. In addition, the mould faces are of very high quality. This allows the production of premium-quality precast concrete parts.

Various longitudinal side rail systems:

  • Fixed, edged, angled, rounded or milled side rails for floor slab and double wall production

  • Fixed, hinged and/or height-adjustable side rail profiles, optionally with casting joints for solid parts production

Possible compaction technologies:

  • Fixed external vibrator

  • Concrete spreader with high-frequency compaction unit

Equipment with vibration-isolated substructure.

The stationary casting bed can be equipped with heating pipes and heated with thermal oil or hot water to accelerate the curing of the concrete.

For example, our layout planning is based on the desired production capacity taking the machinery needed for the various sub-processes of precast concrete production into account.

The required shuttering system is developed on the basis of the production range and matched to the stationary casting bed.

Our objective is to develop a carefully coordinated overall concept that guarantees high quality and excellent productivity.

Technical facts

Production width

2,000 mm – 4,000 mm

Surface roughness up to

RZ 35 µm

Evenness tolerance

max.+/- 1.5 mm (3,000 mm)

Loading capacity

max. 1,000 kg/m²

Options and variants

Heating pipes

Fixed high-frequency compaction system with frequency conversion

Case studies

Floor slab

Constructive precast concrete parts

Solid slab


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