Storage and retrieval system / stacker crane

The Weckenmann automatic storage and retrieval system or stacker crane allows users to quickly store or retrieve shuttering pallets in or from the curing chamber, for example.

Our storage and retrieval systems and stacker cranes are available as standard solutions or customised systems.

In precast concrete production with a pallet circulation system, the stacker crane stores the shuttering pallets vertically in the curing chamber to save space. Unlike when using stacking pallets, the storage and retrieval system allows fully automatic and random access to the shuttering pallets. This also allows the random storage of the shuttering pallets.

In a pallet circulation system based on the stacking principle, the shuttering pallets are fitted with stacking feet and then stacked one on top of the other with a stacking crane. This way only the top shuttering pallet in the stack is accessible. The vivo principle can also be applied in the stacking system in the production of precast concrete parts through automatically running restacking sequences. Our storage and retrieval systems and stacker cranes are available in various lifting capacity classes. The energy that is released during the lowering of the parts can (optionally) be made available for utilisation via recuperation systems.

The storage and retrieval system and the stacker crane is controlled fully automatically and linked to the existing main computer such as Weckenmann WAvisionplus.

Technical facts

Tonnages to 40 tons

special tonnages as per agreement

Pallet width up to 4.5 m

special widths as per agreement

Pallet length up to 17.5 m

special lengths as per agreement

max. 12 pallets per hour

speed depending on the required plant output

You can find our product brochure as e-book here.