Run-off system

Safe run-off systems transport the produced precast concrete parts to the storage or loading area.

Weckenmann builds customised run-off systems to safely transport precast concrete parts from the production plant to the storage or loading area.

The equipment in question is a track-mounted transport trolley for the horizontal transport of floor slabs and solid ceilings; alternatively with transport frames for the vertical transport of double walls and façade elements made of concrete.

Depending on the product and plant design, there are various run-off systems:

  • Rail-mounted platform vehicles with their own drive or in conjunction with a tractor (cable pull, forklift)

  • Run-off system with undercarriage and cross-lifting truck travelling lengthwise, picking up the transport frames or slab stacks and turning it cross-wise before setting it down again.

  • With lifting unit for picking up and setting down of transport frames and pallet stacks on set-down points.

The Weckenmann run-off system allows the transport frames to be easily placed on special set-down devices.

Power is supplied alternatively by cable drum, lithium-ion battery systems or fuel-powered generators.

The Weckenmann run-off systems for precast concrete parts allow the implementation of integrated storage place management and the optimisation of the entire transport logistics in the precast concrete plant.

Options and variants

Inclusion of RFID identification of the transport frame is available as an optional extra

You can find our product brochure as e-book here.