Stressing technology

We have all the equipment you need to produce prestressed concrete parts.

In the manufacture of finished parts made from prestressed concrete, high-strength prestressing steel wires are introduced and prestressed. Precast concrete parts from prestressed concrete are more rigid than reinforced concrete of the same structural height, and at the same time need less steel at the same structural height.

We offer our users all the equipment required for the production of top-quality prestressed concrete parts:

  • Rigidised formwork

  • Single and multi-stressing jacks

  • Machines for uncoiling and cutting prestressing wire to length

  • Movable semi or fully automatic prestressing wire saws for cutting the finished concrete elements with electrically driven cut-off wheels

  • Stressing wire drums for transporting and laying out prefabricated prestressing wires

  • Abutment carriers and cross-perforated plates for prestressing beds

  • Strand placing manipulator

  • Extensive accessories for handling and operation of stressing technology

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