A Weckenmann central transfer table transports shuttering pallets in a circulation system both lengthwise and crosswise. The mobile platform is equipped with roller blocks for the lengthwise transport and/or a cross-lifting truck for the transverse transport of the shuttering pallets.

A Weckenmann circulation system with a central transfer table combines the strengths of a precisely timed pallet circulation system with the flexibility of production on individual shuttering tables. This technological concept is ideally suited for the production of complex precast concrete parts that require a different amount of work.

A plant with a central transfer table creates a clear material flow, and makes the individual shuttering tables available at the different workstations exactly on time. The buffering of individual shuttering pallets is ensured with highly complex long lead time items – without the general cycle time of the production plant being slowed down by these technical production-related long lead time items.

A central transfer table is used for the combined lengthwise and transverse transport of shuttering pallets. The central transfer table is equipped with cross-lifting trucks for the transverse transport of shuttering pallets. Parallel to the central lengthwise travelling unit, roller block lines are possible as an option to relieve the time pressure on the central transfer table during certain production processes.

The circulation technology with central transfer table is particularly suitable for the cost-efficient production of façade elements or complex wall panels. Cycle timing and process automation can be operated using a WAvisionplus main computer from Weckenmann. The system can also be controlled manually.


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