Volume moulds

Volume moulds are used for the production of lift shafts, ventilation shafts and other three-dimensional precast concrete parts.

Our volume moulds for three-dimensional precast concrete parts such as lift shafts, sanitary modules or ventilation shafts are always produced according to customer specifications. The decisive factors are the desired design and dimensions.

Facts and Advantages:

  • The side parts of our volume moulds can be moved. The floor-running half-shell principle allows better access to the opened formwork for cleaning, moulding and reinforcement work.

  • Vibration-optimised design and use of special vibrators to achieve optimum, low-noise compaction and best surface finishes. The optional built-in heater pipes can be operated with hot water or thermal oil. Consistent temperature distribution ensures the even and energy-saving heating of the precast parts.

  • The formwork core is tapered for demoulding.

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