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Regular inspections and maintenance create operating safety, save money and significantly contribute to maintaining the operational readiness and efficiency of a precast concrete plant.

Experts maintenance secures the functional capability of the plant.

We want the powerful machinery and equipment to consistently produce top-quality products over a long service life.

To make maintenance effective and sustainable, we recommend having your equipment serviced by experienced professionals on a regular basis. The Weckenmann service technicians are expertly trained in the technology of our equipment and machines and can perform all the necessary inspection and maintenance tasks, instructions and repairs quickly and to the point. In the process, all statutory maintenance instructions are complied with (RBG/AHG).

We also provide remote maintenance of control and main computer systems as part of a maintenance contract. And, if necessary, our technicians will service a plant also outside of production times, so that production schedules are not interrupted.

We will gladly provide you with more detailed information about the maintenance of your plant and equipment.

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