Helicopter trowelling machine

Weckenmann systems for surface finishing are ideal for the fast production of top-quality fair faced concrete surfaces.

Smooth surfaces and even colouring of the non-moulded side are especially desired in fair faced concrete surfaces. To achieve this, the surface of the levelled side is finished with a screed or smoothing plank after a short curing phase.

The concrete is then polished with the helicopter trowelling machine after a defined pre-curing time. The helicopter trowelling machine has either a blade power float or a power trowel to give the concrete surface that mould-smooth finish. A water spraying unit that is available as an option can be used to condition the concrete afterwards.

Helicopter trowelling machines are designed either as a gantry or a bridge. They are either a permanent part of the pallet circulation system or they are used in precast concrete part production with tilting tables or production tables. The machine is controlled manually with a joystick.



  • Gantry, half-gantry or bridge chassis with infinitely variable speeds in both axes

  • Single or multiple smoothing head with adjustable pressure

  • Blade adjustment can also be controlled remotely

  • Smoothing unit with adjustable rotational speed

  • Optional: radio remote control, water spraying unit, operator seat

  • Working area: as required

  • Travel speeds: 0 – 40 m/min

  • Trowel diameter 1,200 mm

  • Grinding head for reworking the formwork surfaces

Technical facts

Working area

as required

Travel speeds

0-40 m/min

Trowel diameter

1,200 mm

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