Plotter and combination devices

Weckenmann plotters quickly and accurately transfer the outline of the concrete elements to be produced to the formwork surface from the CAD data using a scale of 1:1.

The outline data for precast concrete parts to position the shuttering profiles are created in the CAD system and transferred online or via data storage medium to the plotter or the combination device.

To automate the production of precast concrete parts (in circulation systems, stationary casting bed or tables in different variants), Weckenmann supplies a range of precision systems that simultaneously eliminate any measurement errors:

  • Plotter

  • CP / CPO device
    When plotters are combined with cleaning and oiling units, they are called CPO devices: C = cleaning, P = plotting, O = oiling.

  • MCP / MCPO device
    An MCP system (M = magazining, C = cleaning, P = plotting) is a cost-efficient alternative to the conventional shuttering robot. Weckenmann MCP devices are particularly effective in the production of floor slabs and double walls in small or medium production quantities.

For plants with diverse moulding requirements, for example, in solid walls or with short cycle times, a Weckenmann shuttering robot can be used as an alternative. Our shuttering robots are very versatile in their application and can, for example, automatically collect, place and magazine bulkheads. Placing bulkheads with built-in magnets and their fully automatic activation are also possible. This dispenses with the manual moving of shuttering profiles.

Technical facts

Working area

freely selectable

Plotting speed, depending on the application

0-1 m/s

Cleaning speed

up to 20 m/min

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