The TT-moulds for the production of wide-span, high-strength roof and floor slabs are custom-manufactured according to their dimensions and functions.

Weckenmann TT-moulds are basically available in fixed moulds, adjustable versions and fully flexible types:

  • Fixed moulds with fixed web widths and unchangeable web axis measurement.

  • Adjustable versions with variable web widths, where the two "wing components" are usually hydraulically adjustable.

  • Fully flexible types in which the web width and web spacing are hydraulically adjustable.

The concrete is compacted as required with fixed high-frequency vibrators, which are attached to the support structure and guarantee optimal concrete compaction. The compaction energy is infinitely adjustable by a frequency converter. The optional heating system supplies the attached heating pipes with hot water or thermal oil.

Our TT-moulds come with the equipment needed for the application of prestressed concrete technology. We supply complete stressing technology in conjunction with prestressing beds.

Technical facts

Typical covering width

3 m

Formwork length

up to 120 m

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