The Weckenmann working place system for circulation systems is an effective tool and handling system for manual shuttering positions. Depending on the equipment variant, the user receives a fully equipped and organised shuttering position that optimally incorporates ergonomic principles.

Our working place system equips the manual shuttering position of our pallet circulation systems with ergonomic principles in mind. The Weckenmann working place system consists of these perfectly matched components:

  • Walkway along the shuttering pallet.

  • Mounting parts and shuttering profiles which are manually placed on the shuttering pallet are kept in and retrieved from a rack system for optimum material flow.

  • Mobile tool carriage with a hot-glue gun, a hand sprayer and a hot wire styrofoam cutting machine.

This working place system provides the user with a perfectly organised manual shuttering workshop with the parts to be positioned, along with their tools, always optimally available. This contributes to an efficient work environment.


You can find our product brochure as e-book here.