X-Quick shuttering extension profile

For infinitely variable length adaptation of shuttering profiles in the production of floor slabs and double walls with magnet fastening as a replacement for polystyrene profiles.

The shuttering profile plates made of fine shuttering sheet are cut to the exact length with the special shears during manual shuttering and then bent to match the intended shuttering cross-section. For this, the shuttering sheet plate is perforated along the bending edge so that an easily workable and correctly positioned folded edge can be produced either by hand or with the bending device available for this purpose. The X-Quick shuttering profiles are fastened by special four-sided MXQ magnets.

The X-Quick profiles can be used once or several times and then recycled in the product lifecycle. Depending on the scrap metal price, the scrap metal rebate even provides a small increase in reutilisation.

Exact formwork joints, also chamfer to chamfer joints are quick and easy to produce.



  • Exactly contoured shuttering extension

  • Quick and precise handling

  • Revenue from disposal instead of costs for disposal

  • About 95% reduction in required storage space compared to polystyrene

  • Customised shuttering dimensions can be produced

  • No glue (hot glue or double-sided tape) on the formwork material

  • No need to manually remove adhesive material from the mould

  • Individual shuttering sizes can be supplied quickly


Scope of delivery:

X-Quick shuttering plates for the production of floor slabs and double walls as a customised shuttering length extension.

Shuttering plates made of sheet steel, assembled.

With edge line perforation for easier folding during shuttering.

Finished profile dimensions:

  • Height: 70mm

  • Width: 60mm

  • Material thickness: 0,5mm

  • Length: 2.000mm

Other dimensions available


X-Quick working place system

Working place system for machining of X-Quick shuttering plates for the production of floor slabs and double walls.

Shuttering profiles of customised lengths can be produced during shuttering. Plates are cut to length and bent. Chamfer to chamfer joints can be produced.


  • Stop system with bending aid

  • Lever shears

  • Measuring scale 500mm

  • Optional substructure


Technical data:

Stop on the feed side: 2,000 mm

Manual bending aid: 500 mm

Shears cutting capacity: 0.75 mm

Stop on the discharge side: 500 mm with measuring scale 1-500 mm


X-Quick special MXQ70/60 magnets

Magnets for positioning and fastening the shuttering plates

Technical data:

Dimensions: 69,5x59x21mm

Adhesive force: 300N


Demoulding aid for X-Quick shuttering magnets.


You can find our product brochure as e-book here.