Weckenmann curing chambers for precast concrete parts are space saving and provide the rapid curing your precast concrete parts.

The curing chamber has different functions in the production of precast concrete parts in a circulation system. The precast concrete parts can be store in space-saving conditions and cure under ideal ambient conditions. The shuttering pallets are stored on shelf racks mounted on ball-bearings, which the storage and retrieval system can access quickly.

The room temperature and humidity in the insulated curing chamber are constantly monitored and automatically controlled to provide the ideal conditions for curing the precast concrete parts.

The shuttering pallets can be stored in a space-saving manner on different levels, allowing the storage space to be optimally utilised. The size of the clearance between the pallets varies depending on the thickness of the precast concrete parts.
The loading capacity of the curing chamber is of sufficient size and designed to match the load of the shuttering pallets


We supply matching heating systems for our moulds and curing chambers for faster concrete curing and hence better quality

To improve the quality of precast concrete parts and for faster curing, we recommend a matching heating system for our moulds and curing chambers. This allows the heating of battery moulds, curing chambers of circulation systems, tilting tables or fixed formworks.

Our heating systems include:

  • Warm air systems: electronically controlled for an optimal and uniform curing climate

  • Radiators: hot water or thermal oil circulates in a closed system and heat the ambient air in the curing chamber or mould

Our heating systems can be regulated, controlled and monitored electronically, ensuring the ideal curing process of the precast concrete parts.



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