Modernisation of wall production at TDSK Tomsk


The TDSK Holding Group is a Russian group of companies specialized in house building in Russia. With its 21 companies and a total of 3,700 employees, the group is able to implement projects of any complexity, from the design and manufacture of building materials to construction, the provision of modern telecommunication devices and the maintenance and repair of finished facilities. The company has been operating on the market for 46 years and during this time they have built around 7,000 million m2 of housing in Russia.

Once-a-year, the TDSK Holding Group builds 25 dwelling complexes that provide a new home for more than 3,000 families.

The main products of the TDSK Holding Group are large-area, framed, monolithic and brick-built 5-17 storey standard class residential buildings. These are ready for occupancy and turnkey delivered.

In 2017 the Group started the construction of residential buildings of the comfort class.

TDSK Tomsk House Building is the largest company of the TDSK Holding Group and the main producer of apartments in the city of Tomsk in Siberia.

In the future, the company will build houses with new dimensions than the existing ones. The existing production plant is not designed for these new dimensions and therefore had to be expanded.

The Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG, based in Dormettingen, south of Stuttgart, has modernised numerous Russian precast concrete plants over the last 15 years and has supplied more than 40 battery moulds to Russia and the CIS states. The company Weckenmann is well known in these countries as a specialist and market leader. Due to the fact that TDSK Tomsk House Building has already successfully used two pallet circulation lines, a foundation pile production, a flying bucket conveyor system, as well as the magnet shuttering system from Weckenmann, they have been chosen again for the recent investment decision.

Weckenmann's modernisation concept and competent advice, as well as its many years of experience with battery moulds, were convincing and TDSK Tomsk House Building awarded Weckenmann the contract.

The modernization of the plant included the delivery of a new battery mould together with a new flying bucket conveyor system, a half portal concrete distributor, as well as a complete set of magnet shuttering, built-in magnets and recess boxes.

Battery mould from Weckenmann
Delivery of finished products

Battery mould with 20 chambers

The battery mould supplied by Weckenmann has 20 chambers, each measuring 3x7 m. The battery mould consists of two parts with ten chambers on each side. This division makes it possible to work independently on both sides. This enables a flexible workflow in the factory.

Each of the chambers can be opened and closed by means of an electric motor.


Outstanding quality of the precast concrete elements due to robust construction

The chambers of the battery mould are made of a one-piece finely flat special formwork sheet and therefore produce a very good surface quality of the precast concrete elements.

The internal stiffening of the chambers by means of high-quality laser-edged parts result in a durable and completely flat surface of the individual chambers.

The flatness of the surface of the individual chambers is very low with a tolerance of + - 1.3 mm per 3 m surface, which is reflected in the very good surface quality of the final products.

The robust construction of the company Weckenmann allows the chambers of the battery mould to be filled individually. This means that each of the chambers can be concreted individually from bottom to top. In this way the produced concrete element remains flat and does not bend

Each of the chambers of the battery mould is equipped with five internal vibrators integrated into the panel, consequently the entire battery mould encompasses 110 internal vibrators. The internal vibration of the individual chambers is a development of the company Weckenmann and displays an impressive even surface distribution of the vibration energy and effectiveness of the battery moulds.

Internal heating pipes are installed in each chamber, which accelerates the curing of the concrete elements and thus shortens the production time. Due to the distribution of the heating pipes, the temperature difference at the surface of the chambers is only + -5°C, which enables a homogeneous curing of the precast concrete elements.

Preparation of next wall panel
Half portal concrete distributor during concreting

System for monitoring and evaluating production data of the battery mould

In addition to controlling and monitoring the vibrators, Weckenmann has developed a system for managing, controlling and storing the settings of each vibrator and the heating pipe. With the help of this system, data can be monitored, control sequences can be stored and also the heat distribution can be controlled, stored and monitored.

The operator obtains a graphical view of the production output and can use these to control the production process. In this way, the warm-up time can be shortened, energy can be saved and quality can be controlled and monitored.

Before the concreting of the chambers, each side is clamped by means of a powerful hydraulic system with pressure regulation and self-control system. The clamping pressure is kept constant by the automatically re-pumping hydraulic system.

The height of the concrete elements of the individual chambers is variable. The mould can be adjusted by raising and lowering the bottom formwork.


Concrete distributors and formwork systems

The newly modernised concrete distributor receives the concrete from the flying bucket conveyor system and fills the concrete quickly and accurately into the various chambers. The concrete can be poured into the battery with pinpoint accuracy via individual outlet slides and swivelling chute.

The formwork and magnet systems supplied by Weckenmann are adapted to customer requirements. Robust and durable formwork components guarantee a high quality level of the precast concrete elements.

With the new battery mould and the newly modernized machines, TDSK Tomsk House Building is now able to produce the newly designed houses in high quality. They are thus well prepared for the future.   


About Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG:

The Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG is a leading international manufacturer of machines and plant systems for the production of precast concrete elements, which are mainly used in residential, industrial and administrative construction. The product range extends from the robust stationary production unit to the fully automatic high-performance plant with robot technology, as well as tailor-made individual formwork systems to matching formwork profile systems and magnets. In addition, modular control systems cover the complete range of services in master computer and control technology. The headquarters of the family business, founded in 1957 and managed by the second generation, is in Dormettingen in Baden-Württemberg. A further production facility is located in Staßfurt (Saxony-Anhalt). Weckenmann also maintains a worldwide network of sales partners.

Delivery of the finished elements

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