Success story BEDO: excellence in precast production


The construction industry is going through challenging times. How suppliers navigate the challenges and prepare for the post-crisis period: BEDO Betonwerk Dotternhausen sets an example.

In order to remain competitive as a supplier requires agility and adaptability to face changing market conditions. The investment in a new circulation line was part of a strategic decision.

Carsten Funk, Chief Executive Officer at BEDO, is convinced that "serial construction and industrial production are the future of construction".

Their new circulation line not only offers the opportunity to meet the growing quality requirements of the market but also to diversify the product portfolio.

The individual machine concepts with a high degree of customization, combined with automation solutions, ensure efficient, error-minimized production processes and allow to produce precast concrete elements of excellent quality.

Experience the highlights of our collaboration in the video.

You can find our product brochure as e-book here.