Sandwich wall

Sandwich walls are insulated solid facade elements, consisting of two reinforced concrete shells which incorporate separating insulation layers, made of polystyrene, rock wool, or other approved materials.

Sandwich wall elements are primarily installed in facades where a high quality external appearance is required and are utilised for residential, office and industrial buildings of all types as an elementary design element for modern building architecture. They are primarily used for skeleton constructions and are installed as cladding elements for large surface Areas.

A large number of finishes are available, including polished, etched, smoothed, sand blasted, washed, and clinker face work variations. Different types of concrete can also be integrated, for example, normal concrete, coloured concrete, face concrete, self-compacting concrete as well as other options creating various possibilities for the production of sandwich walls. There are no limits with regards to the surface variety of sandwich elements.

Built-in elements such as doors, windows, electrical sockets, wiring, openings, etc can be installed in the wall elements already at the precast concrete plant. The insulation properties of the wall elements make them suitable for almost every field of application.


  • Wall thickness: As per request, between approx. 200 mm – 400 mm.

  • Length: up to 14 m.

  • Wall height: depending on the floor height in residential buildings normally up to 3 m.

  • Industrial buildings have wall heights up to 4 m

  • Dimensions depend on the transportation possibilities to the construction site and the crane capacities on site.

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