Solid slab

The solid slab is a customised, loosely reinforced, full concrete slab which is used in residential and industrial construction.

Mounting parts, such as electrical outlets, wiring, openings, etc. or even heating conduits can be previously installed in the solid slab in the precasting plant. The solid slab has a smooth formwork underside with a high surface quality and can therefore be wallpapered or painted. Plasterwork is not required, however, the joints between the individual panels must be sealed.


Prestressed solid floor slabs

Prestressed solid floor slabs are custom-made, prestressed full concrete slabs.

Weckenmann has developed a special mobile stress frame for the production of prestressed solid parts such as solid floor slabs on conventional formwork tables. This is patented and manufactured to customer requirements and specifications.


You can find our product brochure as e-book here.