Good advice pays off

Consultants for tailor-made solutions

The selection of the most suitable plant for the production of precast concrete elements is not always easy. Sound consulting in the run-up to this decision-making process guarantees the customers of Weckenmann a secured production in the long term as well as the flexibility for upcoming developments.

"Our customers usually frequently have an exact idea of how a planned final product should be, for example, a certain construction element for housing or special parts for industrial building. The question they ask us is how the product can be produced in the most efficient way to the highest quality", explains Dietmar Kiene, Head of sales at Weckenmann.

The sales team at Weckenmann therefore firstly see themselves as consultants who develop bespoke solutions in their customer's best interest and in close cooperation with them. In order to achieve this they analyse the current demands as well as possible future ones because only a future-proof production line pays off over the years.

The Weckenmann sales team at the headquarters in Dormettingen, South Germany


The team around Dietmar Kiene can count on many years of experience as well as well-grounded knowledge of specific national markets: "Each member of our team has a different area of expertise which, when put together, provides a multidisciplinary approach. Regardless of whether you enquire detailed plant know-how or detailed information regarding shuttering systems and magnets, our team has the right answer for each request. Furthermore we have in all other parts of the world sale partner on site with sound knowledge about the local product requirements.

A team sales partners spanning the globe from Finland to Greece and from the USA to Japan provide consulting on production technology to manufacturers on a daily basis. Here existing plants and production halls are also considered and if necessary, adapted to, and integrated into modern processes. "Our staff has the knowledge necessary to identify the most cost-effective and optimised solution for individual requirements", emphasises managing director Hermann Weckenmann. "And that pays off."

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