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Weckenmann service also includes industrial engineering

Not every company that wants to go into the production of precast concrete parts has the necessary know-how to build the factory facilities required. Whoever needs this expertise will find it at Weckenmann. The company's specialists have mastered the art through many years of experience and have extensive knowledge to offer as consultants and planners.

Factory planners know that complex projects require extensive preparatory work before the actual design and implementation stages are reached. Building sections and interfaces have to be determined, the environment for upstream and downstream processes defined and the demands on the infrastructure identified. Information on various approval processes while also addressing threshold values for noise, vibration, dust and other emissions must be obtained and the demands on personnel, organisational and IT structures identified and calculated. “We are increasingly dealing with customers who want to venture into precast concrete part production and need a feasibility study for their investment decision,” says Hermann Weckenmann, Managing Director of Weckenmann Anlagentechnik GmbH & Co. KG. The company has responded to this need and continued to expand its service by what is known as industrial engineering.

Managing Director Hermann Weckenmann with his expert team in analyzing the factors.

Comprehensive data

When the manufacturing experts from Weckenmann are commissioned to do a feasibility study, they take care of all the factors from A to Z to be considered and calculated. They capture the existing infrastructure, from the plot and the building over the transport links and energy supply to equipment and machinery. They review the circumstances and assess their usability. They identify the product data of the future precast concrete parts to be produced and define their production quantity. Using this as basis, the Weckenmann specialists develop a plant concept that comprises production and job descriptions including data, materials, energy and work flow as well as the number of staff and their qualifications. This also means that they calculate the raw materials and supplies as well as energy and water consumption and, not least, the expected emissions and quantity of waste. The plant concept is supplemented by a well-prepared offer in which the interfaces to the structural performances are taken into account, and by a complete project schedule. In short: Weckenmann provides investors with a sound basis for coming to a decision.

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