Innovation and development in formwork systems


Precast concrete is becoming increasingly important and is used in high quality, energy efficient and cost effective residential and industrial buildings. This trend is not only due to the shorter construction times compared to conventional construction methods, but also due to the possibility of efficiently producing increasingly complex precast concrete elements, thus enabling individual construction projects. The southern German plant manufacturer Weckenmann Anlagentechnik can look back on many years of experience in this field and also offers innovative systems in the field of formwork.

Weckenmann has been producing and developing formwork for precast concrete elements since the end of the 1970s and has thus been able to acquire an extensive know-how over the years. This has resulted in a diverse range of formwork systems that meet all the requirements of the industry.

One of these systems is the highly flexible X-Multi system. This system is designed for components produced on tilting tables, which can hardly or not at all be realized in circulation systems, as well as for complex components, which are only required in small quantities. X-Multi has been developed for wooden formwork with individual heights and is characterized by its easy handling. It therefore consists of few individual parts that can be easily connected, disconnected and combined. The individual heights are achieved by means of a box system, which is available in four different heights that can be exchanged: 75 mm, 175 mm, 275 mm and 375 mm. Thanks to the easy assembly of the upper and lower X-Multi angle rails, the right formwork height can be set up quickly, thus not only saving time but also helping to optimise cycle times. Due to the switchable magnet box with 21,000 N holding force, the X-Multi system can be securely fixed in position and thus an easy readjustment is also possible. Matching drill holes within the X-Multi-Boxes and angle rails ensure the secure screwing of the wooden planking. Easy to reach and consistently spaced, these can fix the wooden formwork quickly and adequately at any height. For safe and fast transport, the assembled X-Multi system can be transported by hooking it onto a crane with lift eyes. This not only saves time, but is also more ergonomic for the employees.

X-Multi Highlights

• Component length from 1 m up to 13 m
• Component height from 10 cm to 60 cm
• Complex components and components with connecting reinforcement
• Quick and easy height adjustment
• Modular structure

Due to the modular design, individual lengths can also be created. That way, two completely assembled X-Multi systems can be connected with an additional X-Multi box and a bridging bracket. This means that the lengths can be varied with just a few different angle rails and can still be handled with the crane. With this system, Weckenmann is responding to the increasingly complex and individual needs of the industry and will continue to follow current trends in order to provide optimum solutions for all aspects of precast concrete element production.

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