WAvision - the omniscient coordinator


To automate manufacturing processes, a central computer, which takes over the process and production planning and controls the factory, is required.

The omniscient coordinator

Industry 4.0 has made the automation of manufacturing processes of great importance. With WAvision, Weckenmann has developed a modular control solution designed for precast concrete production that meets this requirement. This solution processes data in any format and so connects all divisions such as management, production planning, production, logistics and reporting in a unified system. As an overall solution WAvision provides manufacturers of precast concrete parts with continuous process control, planning and analysis in their plants.

WAvision becomes the central interface of all the company's existing data. It “translates” CAD data and makes it available to the individual processing stations, it optimises the data, material and work flow, takes over the storage bin management, reporting and fault analysis and monitors servicing and maintenance. This makes WAvision the omniscient coordinator between the order, machine and production.

The WAvision control system consists of different modules that can be used as a complete package or in individual combinations as needed. The following modules are available:

Centralised process and production planning with few clicks - the control solution WAvision makes it possible.

  • ProductionManager: Simple production planning through automatic or manual pallet loading

  • Storage Master: Efficient storage space management using RFID or barcodes

  • 3-D-Viewer: Pallet loading available as a 3D model

  • ProductionControl: All information about circulation spaces, curing chamber loading, etc. at a glance.

  • WebFlow: Visualisation of the pallet circulation on all conventional mobile devices

  • Maintenance Assistent: Monitoring and visualisation of maintenance tasks.

  • Troubleshooting Assistent: Fault diagnosis tool.

  • Reports: Evaluation tool to generate individual reports.

  • WebFlow: Visualisation of reports on all conventional mobile devices.

WAvision - the control solution for precast concrete plants

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