Successful rationalisation of tilting table production in Siberia


The plant of the company Zavod Zhelesobetonnych Isdeliy-3 (Zavod ZhBI-3) in the western Siberian city of Tyumen produces high-quality components for the local residential and industrial construction sector and builds industrial and residential buildings.

To meet the current demands of the market Zavod ZhBI-3 decided in 2011 to modernise the existing production technology. As a first step, the precast concrete manufacturer proceeded to invest in the development of a new series of the residential building TURA 20.12. For the manufacturing of the 3-shift sandwich-façade elements 6 tilting tables with a dimension of 12.5 x 3.5 m as well as a formwork system were ordered and put into operation. A special heating system run by exhaust gases was developed and patented for those tilting tables.

This system reduced the production cycle to 20 hours. Daily output can reach 200 mand more, which corresponds to annual production of 50,000 m².

An investment in tilting tables makes the most sense if the required production capacity moves in a medium output range and a classic pallet circulation system would be oversized. Stationary production also need not go without the latest technology, though.The work processes in stationary production can be improved in the same way as in a complete circulation system by implementing mechanisation and Automation.

After the first year of use, ZhBI-3 decided to consistently continue with the modernisation programme. With the experienced German plant and machinery manufacturer Weckenmann Anlagentechnik as partner, three other machines were installed. These units – a plotter, a concrete spreader and a helicopter trowelling machine – should improve the tilting table production both in terms of productivity and quality even further.


The advantages of a plotter are as follows:

The information necessary for the shuttering process is transferred to the mould, faultless, quickly and accurately. As opposed to a projection laser, marking lines remain visible during the entire shuttering and reinforcement process. This means that it is possible to work on several tables simultaneously. The CAD system makes the necessary data available. Data transfer is done by USB flash drive.

Due to the limited space, the customer and the Weckenmann engineers decided on a half-portal solution for all the equipment, also for the plotter. This type of running gear also has certain advantages in terms of machine safety, because at least one side of the running gear is positioned Overhead.

The plotter is four-wheel-driven, which allows high dynamics. Longitudinal position measurement takes place via a precision laser distance measurement system. An uninterruptible power supply to the plotter controller as the heart of the machine and a surge protector to protect the electronics complete the package.

Concrete spreader

The Weckenmann spiked roller concrete spreader that has been used successfully worldwide for many years could also prove its worth in this project.

This includes:

  • Very good, wide and uniform concrete discharge, even in different concrete consistencies.

  • Little wear, few moving parts.

  • Quick and easy to clean.

  • Simple technology, allowing trouble-free maintenance by the client’s own staff.

  • Lower operating costs compared to a concrete spreader with screw discharge.


A screed with frequency-controlled vibrators is as much a part of the scope of supply as is the comprehensive safety technology and the ergonomic operator’s platform for focused and comfortable operation of the machine.

The concrete container has a capacity of 2.2 m³ and a discharge width of 1.5 m, which can be adjusted via 8 hydraulically operated valves. This allows the operator to skip recesses and perfectly adjust the flow of concrete to match different component widths.

The drives are powered via frequency converters for the dynamic and gentle movement of the whole machine. 


Helicopter trowelling machine

The horizontal production of wall components requires the tops of the elements to be smoothed. A Weckenmann helicopter trowelling machine makes short work of this Task.

Compared to time-consuming manual smoothing or the use of a hand-held bull float this machine is:

  • Safe: The machine is operated from the ground and no machinery can fall off the table through carelessness.

  • Fast: You are immediately on site and the machine is adjusted to the changing concrete conditions using the different adjustment options.

  • Effective: Only one operator handles a large coverage area.


Depending on the concrete consistency and desired quality, the concrete surfaces are treated with either a power trowel or with a blade power float with a diameter of 1,100 mm.

The individual travel and rotation speeds are infinitely variable, so that the machine can be operated very sensitively. It is in particular in formwork or protruding reinforcement structures that need to be bypassed that this is very important and useful. The ergonomic one-man operation is also supported by a joystick. The pitch angle of the blade power float can be changed by electric motor. Extensive safety equipment for personal protection is as much a part of the scope of delivery as the adjustable ballast is to influence the smoothing result.

In all the three above machines, which are designed and built exclusively in the Weckenmann parent factory, only first class components from reputable suppliers with a global service network are installed. This guarantees good local supply of spare parts if they are needed in exceptional cases.


In Summation:

In this project, Weckenmann has once again proved that with over 50 years of experience in the precast concrete industry, it is capable of providing and implementing customised individual concepts to satisfy the needs and desires of customers around the world

The plant was built and commissioned by the Weckenmann specialists in distant Siberia in a short period of time. The client's own staff also received intensive training. With ​​this investment, the company ZhBI-3 took another giant step to improve their market position. And the Weckenmann technology played its part.

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